450mm Inspection Chambers

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Our 450mm Inspection Chambers collection provides essential components for your underground drainage system. These chambers, crafted from durable materials, allow easy access for inspections and maintenance tasks, ensuring optimal system performance.
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Polydrain 450mm Inspection Chamber Base - 110mm
Polydrain 450mm Inspection Chamber Riser
Polydrain 450mm Inspection Chamber Base - 160mm
Save £0.11
Hunter 110mm Inspection Chamber Blanking Plug
Save £2.43
Hunter 450mm Equal Chamberbase - 110mm Connections
Save £3.64
Hunter 450mm Unequal Chamberbase - 110mm & 160mm Connections
Save £0.72
Hunter Underground Chamberbase Seal - 450mm
Save £0.95
Hunter Underground Raising Piece - 450mm
Save £1.66
Hunter Underground Round Cover & Frame
Save £0.67
Hunter Underground Sealed Cover Plate
Save £0.67
Hunter Underground Sealed Gully Access